EDIUS Pro & Workgroup farklılıklar


Creating a personal EDIUS ID is required to run EDIUS

Internet-access required (In case there is no access possible or prohibited by your companies’ regulations please contact your local EDIUS reseller)Yes (at least once within 60 days)No
Possibility to select preview quality (“Draft Preview”)YesYes
General MXF-Exporter (rarely used feature)NoYes
Dolby E Pass-Through, audio data remain unchangedNoYes
Dolby Plus Professional Licence, relevant choice for broadcastersNoOptional
Possibility to preview material in UHD (“4K 16:9”) at 50p/60p by using editing cards from e.g. Blackmagic Design or AJANoYes
Loudness Auto Adjust according to R 128 (New in EDIUS 8.51)NoYes
Import/Export improvements of MXF DNxHD (New in EDIUS 8.3)NoYes
Increased ProRes and DNxHD performance by 250% (New in EDIUS 8.1)NoYes
Avid DNxHD Codec (MXF) included, ideal to collaborate with Avid cuttersOptionalYes
EDIUS Watch Folder, monitoring a folder (local or network-drive) and automatically importing files into the EDIUS-binNoYes
ANC Data (closed captioning subtitles) Pass-Through, videoembedded subtitles remain unchangedNoYes
Player-Audio-Monitoring-Mode to monitor any chosen track of a source fileNoYes
Loudness Monitoring according to the R128 standard (important when finalizing the audio-mix for a broadcasting-station)NoYes
Connecting to storage-media via FTP (rarely used feature)NoYes
“Edit while Capture”: Sources can be captured and edited at the same time while the recording file is still going on with continuously „growing“ files. Further supported: Metus Ingest or Grass Valley T2 RecoderNoYes, edit and ingest
EDIUS XRE Render Engine Support, allowing an external rendering of EDIUS-projectsNoYes
K2 GXF Exporter for K2-Storage-Server, requires K2-ServerNoOptional
Connecting to GV STRATUS (newsroom, field), requires GV STRATUS-installationNoOptional
Connecting to K2 SAN, K2 DyNo (SNFS), requires K2 SAN or K2 DyNoNoOptional
Tight integration with the CatDV-MAM-system (Square Box Systems), requires CatDV-MAMNoYes
Supporting STORM 4K editing hardware (dedicated 12G PCIe 8x hardware with realtime-output of 4K 50/60p, retail-price around 13.000€ plus VAT)NoYes
 – 8K project setting – 8K file export (H.265/HEVC, ProRes, DNxHR, HQX, P2 8K SHV Exchange Format)NoYes
Supporting Open FX Plug-ins (New in EDIUS 8.1)YesYes
Support of Project Templates (New in EDIUS 8.1)YesYes
Installation of EDIUS without Apple QuickTime possible. (New in EDIUS 8.22)YesYes
ProRes material can be imported and edited natively without Apple QuickTime. (New in EDIUS 8.22)YesYes
Support for more color spaces by the Primary Color Correction filter.(New in EDIUS 8.22)YesYes
Custom LUT (.cube) file import for the Primary Color Correction filter. (New in EDIUS 8.22)YesYes
GPU acceleration for the Primary Color Correction filter. (New in EDIUS 8.22)YesYes
Improved support of Intel Quick Sync. (New in EDIUS 8.2)YesYes
Primary color correction (RGB) on LOG or RAW clips. (New in EDIUS 8.2)YesYes
Support for Sony and Canon RAW decoding. (New in EDIUS 8.2)YesYes
Motion tracking feature for Mask filter (New in EDIUS 8.2)YesYes
Mync for managing video, audio and stills including import function, tagging, seraching for keywords and previewing clips in high quality. Upload function to YouTube, Vimeo and FTP-servers (New in EDIUS 8.32)YesYes
Optical Flow for framerate conversion and slow motion (New in EDIUS 8.30)YesYes
New Bin mode including the “Time Code” (New in EDIUS 8.3)YesYes
Disc Burner authoring in various project settings (New in EDIUS 8-3)YesYes
High-resolution proxy files (New in EDIUS 8.3)YesYes
MYNC improvements (New in EDIUS 8.3)YesYes
FUJIFILM – F-Log color space in primary color correction filter (New in EDIUS 8.3)YesYes
64-channel audio support (New in EDIUS 8.3)YesYes
Improved GUI for high resolution screens (New in EDIUS 8.3)YesYes
New GUI with an improved scalability for high-res-displays and a sleek, modern design (e.g. to view footage in the bin-window in any desired size)YesYes
Mync, a personal file-manager, for retrieval and admiration of all your source-material including video, audio and stillsYesYes
Supporting the newest camera-models like the Canon XF-AVCYesYes
Windows 10 and 11 supportYesYes
Optimized for Intel’s Core i architectureYesYes
Enhanced H.264, H.265 and MPEG2 encoder
Utilizes Intel’s Quick Sync GPU technology intensely speeding up the timeline-performance editing H.264 HD and 4K-footage.YesYes
9.xx dot-release-updates free of charge with new features and enhancements within the EDIUS 9-productcycle until the end of 2019YesYes
High DPI support as well as Support of import from H.265/HEVCYesYes
Tight integration with the Metus-MAM-system, requires Metus-MAMYesYes